The Central Highlands: Places to Explore


  • Baños

    At the base of Volcán Tungurahua and surrounded by heavily forested mountains, tumbling waterfalls, and natural hot springs, Baños is one of Ecuador's top tourist spots. Quiteños have been soaking in the... Read more

  • Latacunga

    The capital of Cotopaxi Province, Latacunga has been rebuilt three times in the wake of massive eruptions of Volcán Cotopaxi, whose perfect, snow-covered cone dominates the city skyline. Juniper trees... Read more

  • Riobamba

    Three of Ecuador's most formidable peaks—Chimborazo, Altar, and Tungurahua—are visible from Riobamba, a pleasant town with wide, tree-lined streets and some well-preserved colonial architecture. Most travelers... Read more