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Name Price Location
Apart-Hotel Antinéa
Two homes on a shady side street offer a...
$$ New City
Arashá Rain Forest Resort & Spa
Two hours northwest of Quito sits this...
$$$ Quito Environs
Café Cultura
This place's name sounds like that of a...
$$ New City
Casa Gangotena
On the southwest corner of Plaza de San...
$$$$ Old City
Hilton Colón Quito
If you love to shop, you'll also love this sleek...
$$$$ New City
Hostal de La Rábida
This beautifully restored colonial house is...
$ New City
Hostal La Villa
This small bed-and-breakfast, which occupies a...
$ New City
Hotel Patio Andaluz
It's a less costly alternative to the Hotel Plaza...
$$$$ Old City
Hotel Plaza Grande
Arguably Ecuador's most fabulous hotel (with,...
$$$$ Old City
Hotel Río Amazonas
You might feel as if you're in the Amazon when...
$$ New City
Hotel Sebastián
This small four-star hotel is in the center of...
$ New City
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