Getting Here and Around in Futaleufú


Getting Here and Around

The road from Chaitén to Futaleufú, which takes about four hours to drive, is almost entirely unpaved, and conditions are spotty at times. However, it's also possible to enter Futaleufú from Argentina, which is about 190 km (118 mi) southwest of Esquel. From Bariloche, Argentina, proceed south, about five hours' drive, passing through pleasant Argentine tourist towns such as El Bolson and Esquel. After Esquel you will come upon the road that leads to Futaleufú. The roads are paved throughout the Argentine portion of the trip, and a car rented in Puerto Montt costs less than 40,000 pesos, although better deals can be had in Santiago. Some bus companies offer service to Futaleufú from Puerto Montt and Osorno. In Chaitén, Chaitur Excursions (746–85608 offers mini-van service to Futaleufú.


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