The Lake District Feature


Top Reasons to Go

Volcanoes: Volcán Villarrica and Volcán Osorno are the conical, iconic symbols of the northern and southern Lake District, respectively, but some 50 other volcanoes loom and fume in this region. Not to worry; eruptions are rare.

Stunning summer nights: Southern Chile's austral summer doesn't get more glorious than January and February, when sunsets don't fade until well after 10 pm, and everyone is out dining, shopping, and enjoying the outdoors.

Lakes and rivers: The region may sport a long Pacific coastline, but everyone flocks to the inland lakes to swim, sunbathe, kayak, sail, and more. The region also hosts numerous wild rivers that are, among other things, excellent for fly fishing.

Soothing hot springs: Chile counts some 280 thermal springs, and a good many of the well-operated ones are in the Lake District, the perfect place to pamper yourself after a day of outdoor adventure and sightseeing.

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