The Central Coast Experience


Top Reasons to Go

Riding the ascensores: Valparaíso's steep hills are smoothed out a bit by the ascensores, or funiculars, that shuttle locals between their jobs near the port and their homes in the hills.

Beautiful beaches: Thousands of Santiaguinos flock to the Central Coast's beaches every summer, where dozens and dozens of seafood shacks serve the masses.

Superb shopping: The streets of Cerro Alegro and Cerro Concepción in Valparaíso are lined with shops selling everything from finely wrought jewelry to hand-tooled leather, while Viña has everything from large department stores and outlet malls to trendy shops and boutiques.

Seafood straight from the net: Almost every town on the Central Coast has its own wharf where fishermen land with last night's catch. Bustling with shoppers, the caleta offers an excellent biology lesson on the diversity of sealife in addition to, of course, many a gastronomic treat.

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