Chile Features


Chile Features

  • Top Attractions

    Part of the Cordillera de Sal, formed where the Andes meet the Atacama Desert, the Valle de la Luna is aptly named: its sand and rock formations... Read more

  • If You Like

    The Lake District is Chile's outdoor-tourism center, with outfitters and guides ready to fix you up and take you out for any activity your adventurous... Read more

  • What's New in Chile

    On February 27, 2010, at 3:34 am, Chile was struck by the seventh strongest earthquake in recorded history (8.8 on the Richter scale at its epicenter... Read more

  • Chile Today

    Over the past 10 years, women in Chile have become increasingly influential in both the government and the private sector. When she began her... Read more

  • Top Experiences

    From September to May, head to Rancagua, a city 87 km (54 mi) south of Santiago, to watch a rodeo. During the event, pairs of huasos (Chilean... Read more

  • Flavors of Chile

    Not to be outdone by neighboring Peru and Argentina, whose culinary traditions are famous throughout South America and beyond, Chilean cooking... Read more

  • History You Can See

    The indigenous groups living in Chile before the arrival of the Spanish can be categorized as the pre-Incan cultures in the north, the Mapuche... Read more

  • FAQ

    How expensive is Chile?... Read more


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