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San Pedro de Atacama


It's like snowboarding, only hotter. Many agencies offer a three-hour sandboarding excursion into the Valle de la Muerte from 4 pm to 9 pm - the intelligent way to beat the desert heat. These tours run about 7,000 pesos and include an instructor. If you're brave and have your own transportation, you can rent just the board for 4,000 pesos. There is also a combination sandboarding-and-sunset tour for 15,000 pesos, which closes the day with a desert sunset over the Valle de la Luna. Contact

Turismo Teckara San Pedro de Atacama. 09/8135 - 1675.


Expediciones Corvatch Tocopilla 406, San Pedro de Atacama. 55/851 - 087.

for information.

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