Easter Island Sports & Activities

Haka pei, or sliding down hillsides on banana trunks, is one of the more popular activities during the Tapati Rapa Nui festival. Another is racing across the reed-choked lake that's hidden inside the crater of Rano Raraku.

Visitors who take to the water usually prefer swimming at one of the sandy beaches or snorkeling near one of the offshore islets. The now astroturf soccer pitch is usually filled with teams practicing, but if it’s an informal game, you might be able to join in.


The crystal-clear waters of the South Pacific afford great visibility for snorkelers and divers. Dozens of types of colorful fish as well as...


The breezes that cool the island even in the middle of summer make this a perfect place for hikers, and because such a large part of the island...

Horseback Riding

One popular way to see the island is on horseback, which typically costs around 35,000 pesos for a half-day or 70,000 pesos for a group tour...

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a great way to get around Easter Island's sights. Most car rental agencies also rent mountain bikes for 11,000 for 8 hours...


When the weather is right, you can find surfboard rentals near Playa Pea, or at Makemake, the bike rental shop in Hanga Roa, for about 20,000...


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