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A key factor in where to stay is whether you're prepared to rent a car or do quite a lot of walking. There are a few good hotels in the center of Hanga Roa, the only town, but most others are on the town's outskirts, a 15-minute walk or a 1,500-peso taxi ride away.

If you're looking for budget accommodation, there are many residenciales—often a few rooms attached to a private home—but standards vary enormously; rather than booking ahead, try to arrive on an early plane and spend an hour or so scouting for the best bargain. Except in January and February or for events such as the July 2010 solar eclipse, rooms are always available.

Most hotels now take credit cards but quite a few add a surcharge (as much as 10%). Ask ahead and, if there's a surcharge, consider getting money out of one of the two ATMs.

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