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A key factor in where to stay is whether you’re prepared to rent a car or do quite a lot of walking. There are a few good hotels in the center of Hanga Roa, the only town, but most others are on the town’s outskirts, a 15-minute walk or a 2,000-peso taxi ride away. Budget accommodation can be found at the many residenciales—often a few rooms attached to a private home—but standards

vary enormously; rather than booking ahead, try to arrive on an early plane and talk to the representatives of the resedenciales, or take a taxi into town and scout out the best bargains. Except in January and February, rooms are always available. Three of the luxury hotels require a vehicle, though they, like most other hotels, provide transportation from the airport.

Most hotels now take credit cards but quite a few add a surcharge (as much as 10%). Ask ahead and, if there’s a surcharge, consider getting money out of one of the two ATMs.

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