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The breezes that cool the island even in the middle of summer make this a perfect place for hikers, and because such a large part of the island is a national park you can walk more or less wherever you want without worrying that you might be on private property. Be careful, though, as the sun is much stronger than it feels. Slather yourself with sunblock and bring along plenty of water.

You can take numerous hikes from Hanga Roa. A short walk takes you to Ahu Tahai. More strenuous is a hike on a gravel road to the seven moai of Ahu Akivi, about 10 km (6 mi) north of town. One of the most rewarding treks is along a rough dirt path on the northern coast that leads from Ahu Te Peu to Playa Anakena. The six-hour journey around Terevaka takes you past many undisturbed archaeological sites that few tourists ever see. If you're planning on heading out without a guide, pick up a copy of the Easter Island Trekking Map at any local shop.




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