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The most isolated island in the world—2,985 km (1,850 mi) from its nearest populated neighbor and 3,700 km (2,295 mi) off the Chilean coast—Easter Island was uninhabited until around 1,500 years ago. That's when, according to local legend, King Hotu Matu'a and his extended family landed on a beach on the northern shore. Exactly where they came from is still a mystery. Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl believed they came from South America and, to prove the journey was possible, set sail in 1947 from Peru in a balsa-wood boat called the Kon-Tiki. Most archaeologists, however, believe the original inhabitants were of Polynesian descent.


Easter Island Hotels

A key factor in where to stay is whether you're prepared to rent a car or do quite a lot of walking. There are a few good hotels in the center of Hanga...read more


Easter Island Restaurants

Compared to mainland Chile, Easter Island is expensive—almost everything has to be shipped or flown in—and you may sometimes feel you're not getting value...read more

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Things To Do

Things To Do in Easter Island

An adventurous spirit is a prerequisite for visiting...read more


Easter Island Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Astounding archaeology: Whether it's the ubiquitous moai, the petroglyphs in the ancient village of Orongo, or the cave paintings, Easter Island... Read more

  • Mysteries of the Moais

    Most people are drawn to Easter Island by the moai, the stone statues that have puzzled outsiders since the first Europeans arrived there almost... Read more


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