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Most people explore Chiloé by car. Due to the island's relatively small size, driving is a pleasure. Major towns and landmarks are no more than an hour or two apart. The Pan-American Highway (Ruta 5) that meanders through northern Chile ends at the Golfo de Ancud and continues again on Isla Grande. It connects the cities of Ancud, Castro, and Chonchi before ending in Quellón. Paved roads connect the Pan-American to Quemchi and Dalcahue, and Achao on Isla Quinchao. There are plans to pave the coastal route connecting the village of San Antonio de Chacao with Dalcahue. A more scenic route leads from Chacao to Caulín and Ancud, via Huicha. The road west from Ancud has been paved only as far as the crossroads to Guabún, but plans are afoot to pave to the lighthouse at Corona Point.

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