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Fantastic folklore: Spirits of all stripes haunt Chiloé—or at least populate its colorful folklore, which is full of trolls, witches, mermaids, and ghost ships.

Traditional crafts: Chiloé's sweaters, ponchos, blankets, and rugs are a defining feature of the island. You won't find anything warmer, woollier, or more wonderful anywhere else in Chile.

Charming churches: Within Chile, Chiloé is known for the simply elegant churches that dot Isla Grande. A few are open to the public, and a visit to one is essential.

Nature: Chiloé's close proximity to breeding grounds for blue whales, a globally endangered species, makes it one of the planet's top destinations for whale-watching. Many other animals call Chiloé home, too; there's spectacular bird-watching, including massive penguin colonies and rare birds like the little Chucao Tapaculo.

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