Tours in Ancud



Austral Adventures has a 50-foot vessel, the Cahuella, that takes visitors on extended trips throughout Chiloé. It also arranges kayaking, trekking, bird-watching, and bilingual, tailor-made trips. Ancud. 65/625–977.

Chepu Adventures offers kayaking, bird-watching, fishing, nature walks, and more. Ancud. 9/379–2481.

Chiloé Indomito offers guided hiking and naturalist trips in northern Chiloé along the western coast. Ancud. 9/509–3741.

Richard Dodge is a travel consultant, guide, and translator. Ancud. 9/097–6480.

Ríos Mágicos runs fly-fishing, bird-watching, trekking, and canoeing trips. Ancud. 7/621–1859.

Turismo Pehuén has island-wide tours that include a stop in Ancud, as well as one-day tours of historic sites in and around Ancud. Esmeralda 198, Ancud. 65/635–254.


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