The Northeast: Places to Explore


  • Alagoas

    For a long time, Brazil's smallest state was known for little else than sugar production and as the breeding ground (and favored retreat) of some of the country's most corrupt politicians. However, in the... Read more

  • Caruaru

    Caruaru and its crafts center, Alto do Moura (6 km/4 miles south of Caruaru), became famous in the 1960s and '70s for clay figurines made by local artisan Mestre Vitalino. There are now more than 500 craftspeople... Read more

  • Fernando de Noronha

    This group of 21 islands is part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, an underwater volcanic mountain chain more than 15,000 km (9,315 miles) long. It was discovered in 1503 by the Italian explorer Amérigo Vespucci... Read more

  • Fortaleza

    Called the "City of Light," Fortaleza claims that the sun shines on it 2,800 hours a year. And it's a good thing, too, as the coastline stretches far beyond the city. To the east, along the Litoral Leste... Read more

  • Jericoacoara

    It could be the sand dunes, some more than 30 meters (100 feet) tall; it could be the expanse of ocean that puts no limits on how far your eyes can see; or it could be that in the presence of this awesome... Read more

  • Natal

    Natal has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past decade. The capital of Rio Grande do Norte has become an important industrial center, yet no industry has had more effect on the economy than tourism... Read more

  • Olinda

    The name of Pernambuco State's original capital means "beautiful," and this must have been what came to mind when the first Europeans stood atop the forested hills and gazed at ocean and beach spread out... Read more

  • Praia da Pipa

    Praia da Pipa was a small fishing village until it was "discovered" by surfers in the '70s. Word of its beauty spread, and it's now one of the most famous and fashionable beach towns in the Northeast... Read more

  • Recife

    Just over 3.6 million people make their home in the capital of Pernambuco State. This vibrant metropolis 829 km (515 miles) north of Salvador has a spirit that's halfway between that of the modern cities... Read more