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Though most tour companies will pick you up at the airport and drop you off following your adventure, airport pickup should not be assumed in all situations. It's often included in tour packages, but ask while making arrangements. Local naturalist guides are often available at lodges. Though knowledgeable, they're neither biologists nor teachers and may not always impart accurate information.

Amazon Jungle Tours. This Manaus-based tour operator offers a variety of jungle excursions: four- to six-night river boat cruises, four-night stays at jungle lodges, and seven-day jungle survival trips. Trips start from US$100 a night per person and include airport pickup, English-speaking guides, three meals a day and mineral water, activities, and accommodation at basic, no-frills lodges. 10 de Julho Street, 708, Centro, Manaus. 092/3087–0689 or 092/9184–8452.

Amazon Tours Brazil. Specializing in boat cruises, this tour operator is run out of Manaus by Carlos Damasceno, who was born in the Amazon jungle and personally leads many of the tours. Amazon Tours Brazil has cruises ranging from three to five days, with prices starting at US$1,000 per person for a three-day cruise on a regular river boat, to US$3,500 per person for a four-day cruise on a luxury boat with special air-conditioned cabins. Manaus. 092/915–67185.