Getting Here and Around in Macapá


Getting Here and Around

Domestic carriers TAM, GOL and Azul-Trip have flights to Macapá. Aeroporto de Macapá is 4 km (2 miles) northwest of town. Take a taxi for the short, inexpensive ride.

Although Macapá is close to Ilha do Marajó's western side, most boats traveling to Macapá, including MACAMAZON and Bom Jesus, originate in Belém. Trips are 24 hours and you can get hammock space for around R$130, and a two-person cabin for R$400. Boats dock in the nearby port town of Santana, where taxis await. The fare to Macapá is R$67.50. Buses in Macapá cost R$2.30 and taxi rides around major tourist points cost around R$50 maximum.


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