The Amazon Features


The Amazon Features

  • Chico Mendes: Environmental Pioneer

    Born in 1944 in the northwestern state of Acre, Chico Mendes was the son of a seringueiro (rubber-tree tapper) who had moved across the country... Read more

  • What to Expect at a Jungle Lodge

    Most of the jungle lodges near Manaus are around 200 kilometers northwest of the city, in the district known as Novo Airão. Whether luxurious... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go

    The Rain Forest: Experience the largest tropical forest in the world and one of the wildest places on the planet.... Read more

  • A Bit of History

    Spaniard Vicente Pinzón is credited with being the first to sail the Amazon, in 1500. But the most famous voyage was undertaken by Spanish conquistador... Read more

  • Health in the Amazon

    Several months before you go to the Amazon, visit a tropical medicine specialist to find out what vaccinations you need. Describe your planned... Read more

  • A Vanishing People

    In 1500, when the Portuguese arrived in Brazil, the indigenous population was 4.5 million, with an estimated 1,400 tribes. From the beginning... Read more

  • Elusive El Dorado

    The search for El Dorado (which means, in Spanish, "The Gilded Man") and his supposedly wealthy kingdom began with the arrival of the conquistadors... Read more

  • River-Village Excursions

    Small Amazonian villages are wonderful places to visit. The docks and open markets are lively early in the day, and the community usually appreciates... Read more

  • Ford's Impossible Dream

    Henry Ford spent millions of dollars to create two utopian company towns and plantations to supply his Model T cars with rubber tires. In 1927... Read more

  • Tales from the Mist

    The immense Amazon region is fertile ground not only for flora and fauna but also for legends, which are an integral part of local culture and... Read more