São Paulo Features


São Paulo Features

  • Exploring São Paulo on foot

    The imposing and almost dead-straight Avenida Paulista is a great place to explore on foot. Running from Paraíso (paradise) to Consolação (consolation)... Read more

  • Dining Out in São Paulo

    Eating out in São Paulo can be an all-night affair, so most restaurants open late and close even later. The majority will officially throw their... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go to São Paulo

    Shop Till You Drop: Shop along with Brazil's rich and famous in the Jardins or Itaim areas, or at one of the city's many fashion malls.... Read more

  • History of São Paulo

    São Paulo wasn't big and important right from the start. Jesuit priests founded it in 1554 and began converting native Indians to Catholicism... Read more

  • São Paulo's Gay Pride Parade

    São Paulo hosts one of the world's biggest and most famous gay parades each year on the Sunday of the Corpus Christi holiday, which generally... Read more

  • São Paulo Soccer

    Brazilians are so passionate about futebol (soccer) that popular wisdom says there are three subjects—soccer, women, and religion—not to be discussed... Read more