Salvador and the Bahia Coast: Places to Explore


Praia do Espelho

One of the regions' most idolized spots and a regular winner of Brazil's best beach, Praia do Espelho is reached from Trancoso through fields of buffalo and communities of Pataxó Indians. During sunny days, the giraffe-like coconut palms provide shade for bathers, while a smattering of simple-chic restaurants serve cold agua de coco and fresh seafood. Come during the week and you will have the perfect horseshoe bay all to yourself. Beach strollers will want to head right, where more deserted coves of golden sand await. Espelho means "mirror" in Portuguese and alludes to the shimmering layer of water that reflects the sky during low-tide. The more adventurous can continue on to the small town of Caraiva, accessible only by wooden boat.


Praia do Espelho at a Glance



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