Salvador and the Bahia Coast: Places to Explore


  • Arraial d'Ajuda

    The municipality of Arraial starts just across Rio Buranhém from Porto Seguro. The town is about 4 km (2½ miles) south of the river. It was founded by Jesuits that arrived in 1549 with the Portuguese official... Read more

  • Boipeba

    With few direct transport links, Boipeba's pristine white sand, turquoise waters, and virgin forests have remained something of a Robinson Crusoe's dream. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side... Read more

  • Cachoeira

    This riverside colonial town dates from the 16th and 17th centuries, when sugarcane was the economy's mainstay. It has been designated a national monument and is the site of some of Brazil's most authentic... Read more

  • Ilhéus

    In Brazil, Ilhéus (literally meaning "islanders") is synonymous with cocoa and Jorge Amado, one of Brazil's best-known 20th-century writers. Amado spent his childhood here, and the house he lived in is... Read more

  • Lençóis

    In 1822 a precious-stone frenzy began with the discovery of diamonds in riverbeds around the town of Mucugê. Hordes of people hoping to make their fortune flooded into the region. This golden age lasted... Read more

  • Morro de São Paulo

    Eternally popular among travelers seeking fun in the sun, Morro de São Paulo is the largest village on the Ilha de Tinharé, where thick Atlantic Forest protected by a state park helps it remain miraculously... Read more

  • North Coast Beaches

    To reach some of Bahia's more pristine and less crowded beaches, head north of Salvador on the Estrada do Coco (Coconut Road), leaving the baroque churches and colonial dwellings behind in favor of miles... Read more

  • Parque Nacional Chapada Diamantina

    The Chapada Diamantina (Diamond Highlands) in Central Bahia was once famous for its precious gems, but it's now recognized as one of the country's best spots for ecotourism. In this chain of mountain ranges... Read more

  • Porto Seguro

    Not too long ago, Porto Seguro (Safe Harbor) was a serene fishing village. Now it's one of the prime tourist destinations in the country for Brazilians, and the access point for travelers eager to visit... Read more

  • Praia do Espelho

    One of the regions' most idolized spots and a regular winner of Brazil's best beach, Praia do Espelho is reached from Trancoso through fields of buffalo and communities of Pataxó Indians. During sunny... Read more

  • Praia do Forte

    Praia do Forte was first settled in 1549 by Garcia D'Avila, a clerk for the Portuguese crown. For reasons lost in the mists of history, Garcia D'Avila had acquired a fortune and became a landowner. With... Read more

  • Salvador

    According to Salvador's adopted son Jorge Amado, "In Salvador, magic becomes part of the every-day." From the shimmering golden light of sunset over the Baía do Todos os Santos, to the rhythmic beats that... Read more

  • Trancoso

    Smaller than its northern neighbors Arraial and Porto Seguro, Trancoso moves at a much slower pace. Founded by Jesuit missionaries in 1586, its first name was St. John Baptist of the Indians. Life here... Read more