Salvador and the Bahia Coast Features


Salvador and the Bahia Coast Features

  • Afro-Brazilian Heritage

    Of all of Brazil's states, Bahia has the strongest links with its African heritage. There are few other countries with such a symphony of skin... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Soak Up the Sun: Warm waters year-round and a continuous lineup of beautiful beaches from south to north make Bahia one of the premier destinations... Read more

  • A Bit of History

    Portuguese navigator and explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral's first sight of Brazil—on Easter Sunday, April 22, 1500—was an isolated mountain of about... Read more

  • Carnival in Salvador: Brazil's Wildest Party

    Jostling for first place beside Rio and Recife, Salvador is one of Brazil's Carnival kings. While it may have a reputation for being the country's... Read more

  • Capoeira: The Fight Dance

    Dance and martial arts in one, capoeira is purely Brazilian. The early days of slavery often saw fights between Africans from rival tribes who... Read more

  • Beach Savvy

    As a rule, the farther away from the downtown area, the better the beach in terms of water cleanliness and number of people, especially on weekends... Read more

  • Eating Bahian

    When African slaves arrived in Bahia, they added coconut milk, palm oil, and hot spices into Portuguese and Indian dishes, transforming them... Read more

  • Spiritual Salvador

    Evidence that Brazil is officially a Roman Catholic country can be found everywhere. There are beautiful churches and cathedrals across the nation... Read more