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Belo Horizonte

Air Travel

Belo Horizonte's main airport—officially Aeroporto Internacional Tancredo Neves, but also called Confins airport (for the town it's in)—receives domestic and international flights. It's a half-hour taxi ride (about R$90) north of the downtown. Executivo (air-conditioned) buses leave every 45 minutes and cost R$10–R$15. Aeroporto Pampulha is 9 km (5 miles) northwest of downtown and serves some domestic flights. Taxis from here to downtown cost about R$40.


Aeroporto Internacional Tancredo Neves (Rodovia MG 10, 38 km (24 miles) north of Belo Horizonte, Confins, 33500–972. 031/3689–2557. www.infraero.gov.br.)

Aeroporto Pampulha (Praça Bagatelle 204, Pampulha, Belo Horizonte, 31270–705. 031/3490–2001. www.infraero.gov.br.)