Brazil Features


Brazil Features

  • Quintessential

    Brazil's biodiversity is a wonder to behold. The country itself occupies nearly half the South American continent, and Brazil's Amazon rain forest... Read more

  • If You Like

    Along its 4,654-mile coastline, Brazil has thousands of breathtaking beaches, so you're bound to find a little slice of paradise wherever you... Read more

  • Brazil Today

    Brazil is immensely diverse—socially, culturally, racially, economically—and rife with profound contradictions that are not always evident at... Read more

  • Flavors of Brazil

    Food, for Brazilians, has much to do with fellowship—portions are often heaping and, rather than coming individually on one plate, arrive in... Read more

  • Beachgoing in Brazil

    Close your eyes, say the word "Brazil," and one of the first images to float up in your mind most likely will be of a tropical beach: white sands... Read more

  • Carnival in Brazil

    Brazilians can throw a party like no one else, and Carnival is the biggest party of the year. From dancing in the streets of the nation's smallest... Read more

  • Brazil and the Environment

    Since Brazil's colonization some five centuries ago, inhabitants have largely congregated along the country's coastline. The majority of Brazil's... Read more

  • Sounds of Brazil

    Music is woven into the fabric of Brazilian life and is the art form that most completely translates this diverse nation's creativity and richness... Read more


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