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The Method to the Madness

Addresses in Brasília's Plano Piloto can make even surveyors scratch their heads. Although the original layout of the city is very logical, it can be hard to get chapter-and-verse addresses, making them seem illogical. Some necessary vocabulary, with abbreviations:

Superquadras (SQ): Supersquares

Setores (S.): Sectors

Quadra (Q.) Block within a Supersquare or Sector

Quadra Interna (QI.) Internal block

Bloco (Bl.): A large building within a superquadra or setor

Lote (Lt.): Lot, subdivision of a block

Conjunto (Cj.): A building subdivision

Loja (Lj.): Part of a larger building.

The Eixo Rodoviário has a line of superquadras made up of two (usually) quadras numbered from 100 to 116, 200 to 216, or 300 to 316 and consisting of six-story blocos. Quadras numbered 400 and above have been added outside the initial plan.

In addresses, compass points are sometimes added: norte (north), sul (south), leste (east), oeste (west). So an address might include SQN, meaning "superquadra norte." The Lago (Lake) region of the city is divided into the Lago Sul and Lago Norte districts. The residental areas on the shores of the lake include the Setores de Habitações Individuais (SHI) and the Setores de Mansões (SM).

Some important neighborhoods are:

Setor Comercial Local (SCL): for commercial areas within the Superquadras.

Setor Hoteleiro Norte (SHN): for hotels in the northern part of the city.

Setor Hoteleiro Sul (SHS): for hotels in the southern part of Brasília.

Setor de Diversões Sul (SDS): where the malls are located

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