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Visiting Brasília is like leaping into the future, or at least the future as imagined in the early 1960s. Rising from the red earth of the 3,000-foot Planalto Central (Central Plateau) is one of the world's most singular cities. Its structures crawl and coil along the flat landscape and then shoot up in shafts of concrete and glass that capture the sun's rays.


Brasília and the West Hotels

Brasília's hotels cater primarily to business executives and government officials. Most hotels, from the upscale resorts to... read more


Brasília and the West Restaurants

As the capital, Brasília attracts citizens from throughout the country as well as dignitaries from around the world. You... read more


Brasília and the West Experiences

  • A Bit of History

    The occupation of the center-west of Brazil did not keep up with the pace of occupation in the other regions. It was not until the... Read more

  • The Method to the Madness

    Addresses in Brasília's Plano Piloto can make even surveyors scratch their heads. Although the original layout of the city is very... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Incredible Architecture: Brasília's remarkable architectural style is unique even among the world's other planned cities.... Read more

  • The Brazilian Savanna

    Brazil's vast cerrado (savanna) is the most biologically rich grassland in the world. More than 100,000 species of plants are... Read more

  • The Making of a Capital

    As far back as 1808 Brazilian newspapers ran articles discussing Rio's inadequacies as a capital (Rio became the capital in 1763,... Read more


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