Southern Bolivia: Places to Explore


  • Potosí

    Potosí has a split and tragic personality. Its soaring churches and opulent mansions call to mind a time when this was the wealthiest city in South America. The sagging roofs and crumbling facades make... Read more

  • Salar de Uyuni

    The Salar is the obvious draw, and best seen and appreciated by a drive across it. In the middle of the flats you will find the Isla del Pescado (Fish Island) or Incahuasi, which has great views of the... Read more

  • Sucre

    Sucre has had many names since it was founded by the Spanish in 1538. The town's first official name was La Plata, but it was just as often called Charcas. In 1776, after splitting the region from Peru... Read more

  • Tarija

    Tarija is where you go when you've had enough of Bolivia, not just because it's on the way out of the country to Argentina or Paraguay, but also because it's different. The people, the climate, the food... Read more