Lake Titicaca: Places to Explore


  • Copacabana

    Copacabana, a pleasant, if touristy town, provides easy access to the lake, the islands and the surrounding countryside. It is also a major pilgrimage destination for devout Bolivians at Easter and lost... Read more

  • Huatajata

    This popular weekend escape for PaceƱos is a regular stop on the guided-tour circuit and the easiest way to experience the beauty of the lake. Huatajata is a practical base for exploring the area, and... Read more

  • Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna

  • Sorata

    Sorata lies nearly 8,200 feet above sea level in a tropical valley at the foot of Mt. Illampu. This is a starting point for serious hikers to climb the snowcapped mountain or tackle the arduous, weeklong... Read more