The Northwest: Places to Explore



Molinos has a photogenic church and a small farm breeding vicuñas, an animal similar to a llama but one whose fur makes a much finer (and more expensive) wool. Its main draw, however, is a location on the way to Cafayate, with its many bodegas (wineries), and to Colomé, Argentina's oldest bodega, with one of the world's highest vineyards and a luxury hotel.

Molinos is also just a few miles from the Camino de Artesanos (Road of the Artisans) of Seclantás, who weave ponchos and scarves by the roadside on contraptions improvised from wood and old bicycle parts. The Laguna de Brealito, 10 km (6 mi) due west of Seclantás, is a picturesque lake in the middle of nowhere. Eight kilometers (5 mi) east of Molinos are the pre-Columbian ruins of Chicoana.

Molinos at a Glance