The Northwest Feature


Top Reasons to Go

The Quebrada: In this craggy, vast, color-splashed landscape, gaze up from time to time at the eternity of stars or the otherworldly carved walls of the gorge.

Sports and the Outdoors: Mountains, valleys, lakes, streams, and plains make this region ideal for hiking, horseback riding, rafting, fishing, and rock climbing. Or you could take a spin in a kite buggy on the Salinas Grandes.

Folk Music: In this hub of Argentina's folkloric music scene, a trip to one of Salta's peƱas (halls of food, music, and dancing) is essential. Wind instruments, diverse percussion, and soaring harmonies define the high-Andean sound track.

Wine: Though they usually take a backseat to wines from the central Mendoza Province, the wines of the north, especially in the Cafayate region of Salta, are gaining worldwide recognition.

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