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Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi

Mountain Biking

The entire Nahuel Huapi National Park is ripe for all levels of mountain biking. Popular rides go from the parking lot at the Cerro Catedral ski area to Lago Gutiérrez and down from Cerro Otto. Local tour agencies can arrange guided tours by the hour or day and even international excursions to Chile. Rental agencies provide maps and suggestions and sometimes recommend guides.

Dirty Bikes. Dirty Bikes offers local day trips all over the Lake District, including long-distance trips to Chile and back, for all ages and abilities. Vice Almirante O'Connor 681, Río Negro, 8400. 2944/425–616.

La Bolsa del Deporte. This outfit rents and sells bikes. Capraro 1081, Río Negro, 8400. 2944/433–111. .

White-Water Rafting

With all the interconnected lakes and rivers in the national park, there's everything from your basic family float down the swift-flowing, scenic Río Limay to a wild and exciting ride down Río Manso (Class II), which takes you 16 km (10 mi) in three hours. If you're really adventurous, you can take the Manso all the way to Chile (Class IV).

Alunco. Alunco arranges rafting trips throughout the area. Moreno 187, Río Negro, 8400. 2944/422–283.

Aguas Blancas. Aguas Blancas specializes in the Manso River and offers an overnight trip to Chile with asado and return by horseback. They also run guided inflatable kayak trips. Morales 564, Río Negro, 8400. 2944/432–799.

Extremo Sur. Extremo Sur arranges trips on the Ríos Limay and Manso. Morales 765, Río Negro, 8400. 2944/427–301.

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