Boat Excursions in Parque Nacional Lago Puelo


Boat Excursions

On Lago Puelo three launches, maintained by the Argentine navy, wait at the dock to take you on one- to three-hour excursions. The trip to El Turbio, an ancient settlement at the southern end of the lake on the Chilean border, is the longest. One side of the lake is inaccessible, as the Valdivian rain forest grows on steep rocky slopes right down into the water. Campgrounds are at the park entrance by the ranger's station, in a bay on the Brazo Occidental, and at the Turbio and Epuyén river outlets.

Juana de Arco. Juana de Arco is one of the local boat-tour operators. Perito Moreno 1364, El Bolsón, Río Negro, 8430. 2944/498–946 or 2944/15–633–838.

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