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The main street, San Martín, has shops, restaurants, and some lodgings within a two- to three-block area. A grassy plaza next to the tourist office is the center of activities, with a crafts market on weekends and some weekdays. The sheer rock face of Cerro Piltrequitrón (from a Mapuche word meaning "hanging from the clouds") dominates the horizon on the southeast side of town. Trails along the Río Azul or to nearby waterfalls and mountaintops are a short taxi or bike ride from the plaza. In spring (late November–December) the roads are lined with ribbons of lupine in every shade of pink and purple imaginable. Berries are picked December–March. Summers are warm and lazy, and campgrounds at nearby lakes attract backpackers and families.

Huara Viajes y Turismo. A full-service travel and tour office, Huara Viajes y Turismo offers guided hiking, fishing, rafting, horseback, and mountain-bike trips. They also arrange day tours to Lago Puelo that include a boat trip. Rock climbing with rappels is offered on a multi-adventure trip near Lago Puelo. Dorrego 410, El Bolsón, Río Negro, 8430. 2944/455–000.

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