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Horseback Riding

Argentine horses are sturdy and well trained, much like American quarter horses. Tábanas (horseflies) attack humans and animals in summer months, so wear long sleeves on cabalgatas (horseback outings).

Carol Jones. The granddaughter of an early pioneering family, Carol Jones's ranch north of town does day rides and overnights from the Patagonian steppes into the mountains. Modesta Victoria 5600, Bariloche, Río Negro. 2944/426–508.

El Manso. This outfitter combines riding and rafting over the border to Chile. Bariloche, Río Negro. 2944/441–378.

Tom Wesley. Located at the Club Hípico Bariloche, Tom Wesley offers rides lasting from one hour to several days. Av. Bustillo, Km 15.5, Bariloche, Río Negro, 8400. 2944/448–193.

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  • Horseback Riding