Patagonia: Places to Explore


  • Bahía Bustamante

    Spending time in Bahía Bustamante is like having your own private Península Valdés. It was founded in 1953 by Lorenzo Soriano, who searched the Patagonian coastline for seaweed to use for extracting colloids... Read more

  • Camarones

    After driving or riding for hours along the empty coastal road (or via RP30 from Ruta 3), the tiny town of Camarones—a collection of brightly colored, tin-roofed buildings with scrollwork fascias, trim... Read more

  • Comodoro Rivadavía

    Argentina's answer to Houston, Comodoro Rivadavía is the town that oil built. Unlike Houston, however, there's not much here apart from oil drilling. Argentina's first oil discovery was made here in 1907... Read more

  • El Calafate

    Founded in 1927 as a frontier town, El Calafate is the base for excursions to the Parque Nacional los Glaciares, which was created in 1937 as a showcase for one of South America's most spectacular sights... Read more

  • El Chaltén

    Founded in 1985, El Chaltén is Argentina's newest town, and it's growing at an astounding rate. Originally just a few shacks and lodges built near the entrance to the Los Glaciares National Park, the town... Read more

  • Gaiman

    The most Welsh of the Atlantic Patagonian settlements, Gaiman (pronounced Guy-mon) is a sleepy country town that is far more charming than nearby Trelew and Rawson. A small museum lovingly preserves the... Read more

  • Península Valdés

    The biggest attraction is the ballena franca (southern right whale) population, which feeds, mates, and gives birth here. The protected mammals attract some 120,000 visitors every year from June, when... Read more

  • Puerto Madryn

    Approaching from Ruta 3, it's hard to believe that the horizon-line of buildings perched just beyond the windswept dunes and badlands is the most successful of all coastal Patagonia settlements. But once... Read more

  • Punta Tombo

  • Sarmiento and the Bosque Petrificado

    Built in a fertile valley formed by the Río Senguer and its two interconnected lakes, Lago Musters and Lago Colhué Huapi, the Sarmiento area is a green oasis in the middle of the hard Patagonian steppe... Read more

  • Trelew

    Trelew (pronounced Tre-leh-ew) is a commercial, industrial, and service hub that contains the region's main airport. Its biggest attractions are its paleontology museum and its proximity to the Punta Tombo... Read more