Córdoba and Environs: Places to Explore


La Cumbrecita

Immigrants from Switzerland and Austria built this village in the 1930s, and its wooden chalets wouldn't look out of place in the Alps. La Cumbrecita is surrounded by tree-filled slopes, and well-marked trails lace the area. The peace extends right into La Cumbrecita, which is a car-free zone in the daytime (many residents use golf carts to get around). Two clean rivers, the Almbach and the Río del Medio, run close to the village; both have small cascades and balnearios (bathing spots). The village has a mild microclimate, with warm but not roasting summers; snow is a frequent sight in winter, which puts the finishing touches to La Cumbrecita's alpine look. The village has no main square and isn't laid out on a grid. Instead, two roads run through it, neither with street numbers; the lower Paseo Bajo has several restaurants and hotels along it.


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