Córdoba and Environs: Places to Explore


La Cumbre

Villa Carlos Paz, Cosquín, and La Falda are packed with hotels aimed at the Argentinian market and are close to Córdoba; for a similar valley landscape minus the crowds, head to quiet, refined La Cumbre. Formerly part of a massive Spanish hacienda, La Cumbre had become a mini British colony by the first half of the 20th century, filled with the summerhouses of investors involved with construction of the railway. Though their legacy remains in the mock-Tudor buildings at the town's snooty golf course, nowadays La Cumbre is synonymous with paragliding (it's near one of the country's best launching spots). The town itself has lots of good hotels and restaurants, making it a great base for exploring La Punilla or for taking hikes and horse treks into the surrounding hills.



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