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  • Buenos Aires Today

    They say the only thing certain in life is change, and no one knows it like porteños (citizens of Buenos Aires) do. While the world panics over... Read more

  • Top Attractions in Buenos Aires

    Originally the city's waterworks, this russet-color columned building in Recoleta is your one-stop shop for Argentine painting and sculpture,... Read more

  • What the Locals do in Buenos Aires

    It's not just good genes that keep porteñas (women from Buenos Aires) looking fab: the peluquería (beauty salon) is a home away from home. Local... Read more

  • An Architecture Walking Tour of Buenos Aires

    Most buildings from the colonial era and the early days of the republic have long since been built over, but San Telmo still offers glimpses of... Read more

  • An Art Walking Tour of Buenos Aires' Parks

    Locals see busy Avendias Figueroa Alcorta and Libertador as functional routes connecting downtown with the northern suburbs. But the parallel... Read more

  • Buenos Aires with Kids

    Family is a big part of local life. Porteños definitely believe kids should be seen and heard, and local children keep pretty much the same... Read more

  • Free Things to Do in Buenos Aires

    The devalued peso makes Buenos Aires a bargain. But if you really do need to save every centavo, there are plenty of ways to make cheap even... Read more

  • Master Class

    Buenos Aires has excellent universities and higher education establishments that accept foreign students. Government-run Website Estudiar en Argentina ( Read more

  • Who Are These People?

    Buenos Aires has some lively inhabitants. Here are a few things you can expect of them: Like their Italian ancestors, many porteños gesture,... Read more

  • Argentina's Great Steaks

    Argentina is the world's capital of beef, and Buenos Aires the capital of Argentina. So does Buenos Aires have the world's best steak? It's... Read more

  • Argentina Wine Primer

    During the past two decades Argentina has transformed into an international wine powerhouse, becoming the fifth leading wine producer in the world.... Read more

  • Top Tango Shows in Buenos Aires

    "Life is a milonga (dance hall)," says one famous tango. "Life is an absurd wound," goes another. "I'm dying, dying just to dance," cries a third.... Read more

  • Good Marketing Skills

    The array of open-air ferias (markets) in Buenos Aires testifies to the fact that locals enjoy stall-trawling as much as visitors do. Argentina... Read more

  • Fashion Forward

    The stars of Argentine fashion have much in common with the country's top soccer players: they're as highly trained and technically proficient as... Read more

  • Homes Away From Home

    Buenos Aires is blessed with a wide array of hotel options, most of which are remarkably affordable compared with those of other international... Read more

  • Life Before Malls

    No shopping trip is complete without browsing one of the city's many galerías. These quirky shopping arcades are the precursors of malls and were... Read more

  • Big Spenders

    If you're a shopper who just isn't satisfied by small-fry spending, why not splash out on something a little more extravagant, like, say … a... Read more

  • Local Do's and Taboos

    Welcoming and helpful, porteños are a pleasure to travel among. They have more in common with, say, Spanish or Italians, than other Latin... Read more

  • When the Sun Comes Up

    Clubs starting so late means regular cafés are open for a hard-earned cortado (coffee cut with a drop of milk) and medialunas (croissants) by the... Read more

  • Meal Times in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is a 24-hour city, and you can find places that serve food around the clock, but most of these are downtown and tend to fall into... Read more


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