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When the Sun Comes Up

Clubs starting so late means regular cafés are open for a hard-earned cortado (coffee cut with a drop of milk) and medialunas (croissants) by the time you stumble out of clubs in the morning, but Buenos Aires does have a couple of alternative options for sunrise, too. The first is to head to the Costanera for a choripan (chorizo sausage and chimichurri sauce on a roll) from the 24-hour stands lining the river. If you're not already near the Costanera, sharing a taxi with friends to get there is part of the fun. The more hard-core option is to keep dancing at one of the many "afters"—clubs that start at 9 am and go until around 3 pm. The best-known is Caix (Centro Costa Salguero, Av. Rafael Obligado y Salguero, 11/4806–9749), but there are many others opening and closing all the time; any hardened clubber can take you through the options.

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