Yellowstone National Park Features


Yellowstone National Park Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to Yellowstone National Park

    Hot spots: Thinner-than-normal crust depth and a huge magma chamber beneath the park explain Yellowstone's abundant geysers, steaming pools, hissing... Read more

  • Good Reads

    The Yellowstone Story, by Aubrey L. Haines, is a classic.... Read more

  • Park Ranger Mary Wilson

    For Yellowstone National Park Ranger Mary Wilson, every day is an adventure and, even after two decades of working in some of the nation's most... Read more

  • Ever-Changing Yellowstone

    Yellowstone is definitely not a sleepy world of natural wonders. The park truly feels alive when you see mud pots, steam vents, fumaroles, and... Read more

  • Best Campgrounds in Yellowstone

    Yellowstone has a dozen frontcountry campgrounds scattered around the park, in addition to more than 200 backcountry sites. Most campgrounds... Read more

  • Plants and Wildlife in Yellowstone

    Eighty percent of Yellowstone is forest, and the great majority of it is lodgepole pine. Miles and miles of the "telephone pole" pines were lost... Read more

  • America's First National Park

    Yellowstone was established in 1872 as America's first national park. It's popularly believed that early-19th-century French trappers called... Read more

  • Old Faithful Tour

    Begin your tour at the impressive Old Faithful Visitor Education Center, unveiled in August 2010. Pick up the Old Faithful–area trail guide (50... Read more

  • Canyon Tour

    Savor the view from Artist Point, on the south rim, where there are two viewing levels, the lower one accessible by wheelchair. After you have... Read more

  • Yellowstone in Winter

    To see a spectacularly different Yellowstone than that experienced by 90% of the park's visitors, come in winter. Rocky outcroppings are smoothed... Read more

  • A World of Geological Wonders

    Spouting geysers, bubbling mud pots, and hissing steam vents have earned fame for Yellowstone, which has the greatest concentration of thermal... Read more