Jackson Hole and Northwest Wyoming Places



Hunting and Fishing

Hunting is an age-old pastime in these parts. And numerous companies run hunt camps in the western Wyoming area. Some are reliable; others are not. If you head out on your own or with an experienced outfitter, make sure you bring the right equipment. Note: Under state law, hunters must be 12 or over.

Bear Basin Outfitters is the only company run by both veteran Wyoming lawmen and longtime locals who live to hunt elk, moose, sheep, antelope, deer, and bear. Accommodations are in wall tents or, sometimes, hotels; meals are always provided in a camping environment. The real advantage to using an experienced outfitter like this is for those who love roughing it outdoors but don't love wasting their time in this pricey sport, when the most important thing is being led by professional guides who relish sharing their expertise with hunters from around the globe. Besides knowing where to bag the biggest Wyoming game from the Hoback to the Gros Ventre to Rock Springs, these safety-conscious sportsmen also know all the rules and regulations, so you won't run afoul of the law while having an unforgettable experience. 307/883–3186. www.bearbasinoutfitters.net.

Jack Dennis Outdoor Shop offers guided fly-fishing trips led by nationally recognized guru Jeff Currier. The store carries high-quality fishing gear, outdoor gear, and free fishing maps. 50 E. Broadway, Jackson, WY, 83001. 307/733–3270 or 800/570–3270. www.jackdennis.com.