Sports and the Outdoors in Buffalo


Sports and the Outdoors

The forested canyons and pristine alpine meadows of the Big Horn Mountains teem with animal and plant life, making this an excellent area for hiking and pack trips by horseback. The quality and concentration of locals willing to outfit adventurers are high in Buffalo, making it a suitable base camp from which to launch an expedition.

The folks at South Fork Mountain Lodge & Outfitters can customize about any sort of adventure you'd like to undertake in the Big Horns, whether it's hiking, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, or cross-country skiing. The company can arrange for all of your food and supplies and provide a guide, or render drop-camp services for more experienced thrill seekers. 7558 Hwy. 16 W, 16 mi west of Buffalo on U.S. 16, Buffalo, WY, 82834. 307/267–2609.

Horseback Riding and Pack Trips

Located on a 24,000-acre working ranch, the Powder River Experience gives you the chance to ride on the open range or to pack into the backcountry for an overnight stay at a log cabin. You're also encouraged to watch or personally experience as many ranch activities as you wish, whether it's branding, cattle driving, or calving. 297 Upper Powder River Rd., 6 mi. south of U.S. 14, Arvada, WY, 82831. 307/758–4381 or 888/736–2402.

Trails West Outfitters arranges multiday pack trips in the Shoshone National Forest. The company also operates shorter wilderness excursions and drop camps for more independent adventurers. 140 Flagstaff Way, Buffalo, WY, 82834. 307/684–5233 or 888/283–9793.

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