Cheyenne, Laramie and Southern Wyoming Travel Guide

Car Travel

A car is essential for exploring southern Wyoming. I-80 is the major route through the region, bisecting it from east to west. In places it runs parallel to U.S. 30. Other major access roads include U.S. 287, connecting Laramie and Medicine Bow; Highway 130, serving Centennial and Saratoga; Highway 230, running through Encampment; and Highway 70, connecting Encampment and Baggs.

Although distances between towns can be long, gasoline and other automobile services are available in each community and at various points roughly 20 to 40 mi apart along I-80. When traveling here in winter, be prepared for whiteouts and road closings (sometimes for hours, occasionally for more than a day). Always carry a blanket and warm clothing when driving in winter, along with a safety kit that includes snack food and water. Cell-phone service is getting better but is still sporadic in areas where mountains might interfere with cell towers.

Note that the Snowy Range Pass section of Highway 130, between Centennial and Saratoga, and the Battle Highway section of Highway 70, west of Encampment, close during cold weather, generally from mid-October until Memorial Day.

Contact the Wyoming Department of Transportation for information on road conditions.


Wyoming Department of Transportation. 307/777–4484; 307/772–0824 from outside Wyoming for road conditions; 888/996–7623 from within Wyoming for road conditions; 511 from a cell phone.

Wyoming Highway Patrol. 307/777–4301; 800/442–9090 for emergencies; #4357 (#HELP) from a cell phone for emergencies.

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