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Washington Cascade Mountains and Valleys Restaurant Reviews

Tacoma and Olympia both have increasingly hip and sophisticated dining scenes, with everything from laid-back cafés to seasonally driven restaurants with water views. After those cities, Gig Harbor has the best food scene—not terribly big, but with an across-the-board quality not quite found in Bellingham, which is, however, steadily developing a fine little crop of notable restaurants. You'll also find good brewpubs and indie coffeehouses in most of the larger towns in the area.

On the road, refueling takes place at country-style cafés, farm stands, and kitschy or specialty shops like the '50s-style sweets shops of Port Gamble and Snoqualmie or the Norwegian bakeries of Poulsbo. None of these is in short supply, and many eateries, however small, pride themselves on using local ingredients.

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