Planning Your Time in The Eastside


Planning Your Time

There are quite a few hotels on the Eastside, mainly in Bellevue, Kirkland, and Woodinville, but unless you're planning an overnight at Willows Lodge after touring Woodinville's wineries, it's not worth staying here. You won't save any money—Bellevue's hotels are just as pricey as and far less interesting than Seattle's—and no local would recommend a daily commute to or from Seattle, especially with the 520 bridge toll.

Instead, plan targeted day trips to the Eastside: a shopping or museum excursion to Bellevue followed by a meal at one of the city's hot restaurants; a winery or brewery crawl in Woodinville; or a day of hiking, biking or horseback riding that ends in time to return to Seattle for a shower and a nap before a night out.


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