Getting Here and Around in Ballard


Getting Here and Around

Ballard's main drags are NW Market Street and Ballard Avenue. If you're driving from Downtown, the easiest way to reach Ballard's center is to take Western Avenue and follow it as it turns into Elliott Avenue W and then 15th Avenue NW. Cross the bridge and make a left onto NW Market Street.

By bus, the 15, 17, and 18 will get you from Downtown to NW Market Street. Ballard is well connected to Phinney Ridge, Wallingford, and the U-District—the 44 and 46 buses pick up on NW Market Street and make their way to the other northern neighborhoods. Bus 28 connects Fremont's center to NW Market Street.

Note that the neighborhood is more spread out than it appears on a map. For example, walking west from the heart of Market Street to the Locks and back is long. Golden Gardens Park may not be worth the effort if you don't have a car.


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