Timing and Precautions in Richmond


Timing and Precautions

Both interstates 95 and 64 are affected by rush-hour traffic. With many major businesses on the West End of Richmond, 64 West will be heavy in the mornings, and 64 East returning to the city will be busy from 4 pm to 6 pm. Similarly, 95 North in the morning and 95 South in the evening will also see increased traffic, and in summer, with many Richmond residents heading to the beaches, both 64 East and 95 South can experience mile-long backups. The Downtown Expressway and the Powhite Parkway are toll roads (25¢–$1.50) that service the suburban areas, especially on the south side of the city, and these will also be busy during rush hours. Most Virginia toll roads accept E-Z Pass, which is also good in 12 additional states.

Also, be aware that since this is a large, urban city, there are some downtown areas that you should visit with caution, especially after dark.


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