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Taxicabs are free to operate in adjoining jurisdictions and this is vital, considering that there are two states plus the District and several counties and cities in a small area. Virginia taxis are metered with rates set by the jurisdiction (about a $2.75 flag fare with 34¢ for every sixth of a mile in Alexandria and 40¢ for every fifth of a mile in Arlington). Taxis are usually waiting near the busier Metrorail stations like Ballston, King Street, and Rosslyn, and the bigger hotels.

Taxis at the Virginia airports are very tightly regulated. Washington Flyer cabs serve Dulles International Airport exclusively from the airport but any taxi can deliver there. A starter outside the arrivals area at Reagan National loads taxicabs from a regulated line of incoming taxis and will provide a fare sheet if desired. An airport fee of $2.50 is added to your fare to pay for this service. Some taxi drivers accept credit cards, but ask first.

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