Zion National Park Travel Guide

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Zion is the most heavily visited national park in Utah, receiving nearly 2.5 million visitors each year. Locals used to call the spring and fall the shoulder seasons because traffic would drop off from the highly visited summer months. Not so much anymore. Warmer temperatures mean the park is packed April to October.

Summer in the park is hot and dry, punctuated with sudden cloudbursts that can create flash flooding and spectacular waterfalls. Expect afternoon thunderstorms between July and September. Whether the day starts out sunny or not, wear sunscreen and drink lots of water, even if you aren't exerting yourself or spending much time outside. The sun is very powerful at this elevation.

Winters are mild at lower desert elevations. You can expect to encounter winter driving conditions November through March, and although most park programs are suspended, winter is a wonderful and solitary time to see the canyons.

Extreme highs in Zion can often exceed 100°F in July and August.

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